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You are warmly invited to join these online or in person classes where you will be guided to nourish yourself through breath awareness and mindful movement;  meeting yourself with acceptance, exploring postures with a playful attitude and finding pleasure in both movement and rest.

Following a gentle warm up, the class will build to strengthening poses and end in deep relaxation in the form of Yoga Nidra, aiming to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised and connected both to yourself and a circle of support.

Payment on a sliding scale

£8 / £10 / £12 per session according to your means.

HATHA YOGA with Yoga Nidra

Every body welcome

Tuesdays . 19:30-20:45 . Zoom


Thursdays . 09:20 - 10:35 . 

Christchurch Parish Hall, Park Road, Frome, BA11 1EU


A nourishing, nurturing space for women at all stages of life to connect with themselves and also to sit in a circle of support with other women. The sessions will include deep relaxation in the form of yoga nidra, a sharing circle and some delicious, flowing, nourishing movement practices with mudra.


Make yourself a cosy nest and please place your camera so that you are in view.  Have a cup of your favourite tea and sweet treat ready.

Payment on sliding scale according to your income, suggested between £13 - £18

You will need Zoom to access this circle.  Please email me to book.




Monthly on Sundays



23 Apr | 21 May | 18 June 2023


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